Best 49 Inch Ultrawide Monitor

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In this digital world era, everyone is looking for smart and ultra-wide monitors for their work. They are looking for monitors for their professional work as well as also for their personal use. Ultra-wide monitors are used widely nowadays, even for gaming purposes as well as for pro editing purposes.

The advanced editing and gaming technology nowadays is transforming the desktop game.  Everyone nowadays is looking for a very high-quality ultra-wide screen that provides them the best work experience, which will be economical for them.

Ultra-wide monitors are designed basically for office use, and it is best for the content creator nowadays for their social media management. These ultra-wide monitors provide you the best gaming experience.
Ultra-wide can be defined in a manner that a screen that provides you more width than its height, and it comes in different panel sizes that range up to 49 inches, and it is best for professional and productive work around the globe.

Here we will discuss some best super ultra-wide monitors that provide you best working experience and will be super economical for the audience.

Best 49 Inch Ultrawide Monitor Comparison Table 2021

1-Viotek SUW49DA Monitor

Screen Size49 inch
Screen resolution5120x1440p
Response Time4ms
Screen Ratio32:9
Contrast Ratio3000:1

The Viotek monitor available in the market will provide you with the best working experience with its 49-inch curved ultra-wide screen that provides you high productivity for your office work and is perfect for your gaming purpose. It is perfect for pro editing.

Suppose we discuss the efficiency of this screen. In that case, we will come to note that it is a perfect replacement for two premium 27 inches Monitors, so it not only provides you a high-quality screen but is also very economical. For beginners, it is the best choice to invest in.

Instead of Investing in two different monitors, you can go for a single 49-inch ultra-wide monitor. It is the best super ultrawide gaming monitor.  The screen exposure that it provides is unmatchable; the speakers provides you the best boost to your audios.

Its single screen of widescreen ratio provides you perfect curvature, perfect screen monitoring. The perfect resolution that it provides you is very helpful because you will never experience any lagging or distortion in your screen. Its phenomenal Colors provide you a perfect View.

[su_highlight background=”#1570C4″ color=”#ffffff”]Quick Features:[/su_highlight]

  • Super widescreen: Its super widescreen of 49 inches provides you a perfect display of your games and movies and a perfect experience of your professional work.
  • Editor’s choice: It keeps you stay focused on your work so you can deliver cinematic views of movies and different videos for your professional editing work.
  • Dual display: It has a solution to your screen issues with a dual QHD display as it provides you bright colors, and there is no screen lagging, so you can experience bigger screens
  • Multitasking: Its seamless multitasking will provide you dual input picture. It means you can display two programs on your single screen without any distortion.
  • Reliable
  • Best screen resolution
  • Bright colors
  • Multitasking
  • Dual display
  • A little issue with speakers

2-Samsung 49 inch ultra-wide monitor

Screen Size48.7 inch
Screen resolution5120x1440p
Response Time4ms

Samsung provides you 49 Inch super ultra-widescreen that perfectly matches the human eye curvature. It means that it provides maximum immersion and it minimizes your eye strain. The screen size that it provides you matches the two 27 panel inches monitor screens.

So through this, you can get the best gaming experience, do your editing work, and it is perfect for your professional office use and provide you the best experience for your everyday use. The ultra-wide screen provides you the exposure to explore the world. You can experience insane depth.

The best thing that this large ultrawide monitor provides you is to customize this according to your requirements. You are allowed to change its distinct colors, adjust volume, and many other things according to your own choice. It provides you the best screen resolution.

The Samsung devices are already renowned in the market due to their durability and screen resolution quality. If you are looking for a professional use ultra-wide monitor for gaming purposes without any distortion, this is the perfect option for you.

[su_highlight background=”#1570C4″ color=”#ffffff”]Quick Features:[/su_highlight]

  • Dual QHD display: The dual QHD resolution it provides you is beyond the experience because it brings you the experience of two QST monitors, side by side, placed on a single screen.
  • Colors resolutions: Provides you the highest quality of color grading, and it provides you the best experience of the deepest Blacks to the different wide colors.
  • HD resolution: The unparalleled depth with HD resolution provides you the details of every single thing that you are supposed to see on your screen with the best experience.
  • Highest speed: It provides you the fastest one-millisecond response that is the latest Technology introduced in it. It helps you to receive information as quickly as possible.
  • Highly reliable.
  • Fastest response.
  • Infinity core lightning.
  • edge technology.
  • Color customization.
  • It does not have built-in speakers.

3-LG 49WL95C-W Monitor

Screen Size49 inch
Screen resolution5120x1440p
Response Time4ms
Contrast Ratio16:9

The LG 49 inch ultra-wide monitor screen is a professional Ultrawide monitor that provides you a multitasking panel to work. It provides you a dream place to work on. It will help you to manage all your Screen related issues. You can do multitasking on a single screen with full-sized windows at once.

It is one of the best choices of editors to work on for professional use, and this is one of the best 49-inch super Ultrawide monitors available in the market. It has a vast screen that helps you to operate different programs in different windows at once on your ultra widescreen.

During the process of multitasking, it does not lag. That’s why it is best for professional use. It provides you high accuracy of the colors with the best screen resolution. It has the most powerful speakers induced in it. For your professional work, it is a very good investment. You would not regret it.

The quality of the color accuracy that the LG super ultra-wide monitor provides is a very clear video view. Due to the highest quality, you will never experience any distortion in your view. If you are up for investing in a high-quality monitor, this LG monitor is the best choice for the professionals.

[su_highlight background=”#1570C4″ color=”#ffffff”]Quick Features:[/su_highlight]

  • Color accuracy: It provides you the best color accuracy with its bright colors. The monitor provides you luminous screen with no distortion the screen.
  • Powerful speakers: It has powerful speakers induced in it, is best for the sound system, and provides a very high-quality video on the ultra-wide screen.
  • Multi screening: It is best for all those professionals who worked on several windows at one time to open all the programs in ultrawide mode.
  • Serrate ports: It provides you solid boards for your USB Connections, available for your cable sport, and your audio jacks. You can stream audio and videos and can charge your laptop simultaneously.
  • Powerful built-in speakers.
  • Ultrawide 49 inch screen.
  • Perfect color grading
  • Support HD content.
  • Support charging of the devices.
  • More on the pricey side

4-AOC AGON 49 Inch Monitor

Screen Size49 inch
Screen resolution5140x1440p
Response Time4ms
Aspect Ratio16:9
USB Type-CYes

The AOC Agon is one of the most top reviewed ultra-wide monitors available in the market. It is one of the first breeds of the 49-inch ultrawide monitor screen. It will provide the highest screen resolution that is available in the market. It is perfect for professional use for editing purposes and gaming.

It is known as the best super ultrawide monitor for resolution available in the market. If we discuss its performance or its screen size, you will know that it provides you exposure to a pair of 27 inches monitors that are working side by side. It delivers super ultra 4K quality of screen resolution.

Due to its quite wide display, it is perfect and most preferable for professional use. Due to its Ultra screen resolution and high power speakers, this screen is perfect for office use. Gamers who are more into professional gaming will love this beast, and it is preferable for multitasking for the content creators.

It is one of the best super ultrawide monitor 4K available in the market. Due to its better screen size, it is perfect for gaming purposes. This is a perfect option for the professionals who are more into professional and heavy games like PUBG and GTA; they can invest in it.

[su_highlight background=”#1570C4″ color=”#ffffff”]Quick Features:[/su_highlight]

  • Screen resolution: It delivers a screen resolution of 1080p, and in Ultra-wide mode, it can be stretched to 1440P. In this Ultra Skinner of the resolution, you will never experience any lagging
  • Dual display: The DQH dual-quad display technology provides you the dual-display without lagging, and it provides a screen resolution of about 5120 pixels
  • Remote control: Remote Control feature introduced in it provide you a remote control so that you can control your device even if you’re not close to it and controlling it from a far distance
  • Multitasking: The picture by picture feature introduced in it can provide you to collect data from different sources like your laptop, and you can play them simultaneously.
  • Highly reliable.
  • Remote control.
  • No lagging.
  • Dual display.
  • Little too pricey.

5-Asus ROG Strix XG49VQ 49-Inch Monitor

Screen Size49 inch
Screen resolution3840x1080p
Response Time2ms
Refresh Rate144hz
USB Type-CYes

The ASUS provides you one of the latest technology gaming Ultrawide 49 inch monitors. The great thing about this is that it provides you with the best refresh rates than the other monitors available in the market. It means the work efficiency it provides is highly accurate.

It also supports HDR quality video, so that means in this ultra-widescreen, you will never observe any lagging on the screen or any distortion in your video display. It’s a bigger and better size screen that provides you a dual display to display different programs at a time.

It is best for the professionals for editing purposes so that you can display pictures in picture programs. You can observe the best gaming experience on this monitor without any lagging, and you can play heavy games like PUBG and GTA on it. Plus, it provides the perfect aspect ratio.

The design and features of this monitor are worth the price. It provides you a premium gaming experience that you will not observe on any other monitors. The height and width are perfect for the office’s professional workspace and the content creators for their office use.

Quick Features:

  • Speed and Performance: The speed rate and performance that this monitor provides you are very quick, and it is perfect for the professionals, and you will never observe any sort of distortion and lagging.
  • Design of this monitor: The design of this monitor is very sleek and beautiful. The screen resolution is also very high, and the color grading that it provides is perfect. You will not experience any color issues.
  • HD quality: The HDR quality video display that it provides is very good. It means that you can watch videos in Ultra HDR mode on such a big screen without any Legging
  • Highest refresh rate: The main purpose of this monitor is that it is designed for gamers. The best thing is its highest refresh rate, and its pixel count is unmatchable.
  • Wide panel size.
  • Highest refresh rate.
  • Perfect for the gamers.
  • Highly reliable.
  • Perfect screen resolution.
  • No USB port.


If you are looking for the best quality 49-inch monitor display, these are the best options available in the market. AOC AGON 49inch provides you the best 4K ultra-wide quality for achieving an excellent gaming experience.
If you are a professional editor or a gamer, then 49-inch ultra-widescreen monitors are the best choice for you as these big screens provide an immersive gaming experience.

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