Top 10 Best Chromebook For Teenager – (Buyer’s Guide 2021)

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Although Chromebooks are almost tailor-made for education, it also serves for many other purposes. It is just not only designed to run a few Android apps anymore, but the latest Chromebooks are intended to meet the computing needs now.

Chromebooks are great for education-related tasks like preparing slides for presentations, editing, making notes, storing essential data, and much more.

These are an ideal option for students, teachers, teenagers, and adults, And when we talk about the best Chromebook for a teenager, then it can be more useful than a standard Windows laptop.

best chromebook for teenager

The most fantastic feature of Chromebooks is that they come with a low malware 

susceptibility. It means that Chromebooks have low or zero chances of getting infected with viruses and spyware as compared to other vulnerable operating 

systems because the Chromebooks use the Chrome operating system. The best Chromebooks are simplistic and offer more security and extreme protection.

You will be glad to know that Chromebooks typically come with long battery life to boost the user experience and ensures its longevity. We have reviewed the five best Chromebook that offers the ultimate combination of value, performance, and computing comfort.

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Table of Contents

1)-Acer 314 Chromebook For Teenager:

Screen size: 14 inch LED | RAM: 4GB | CPU: 1.1G hz (dual-core) | Storage: 32GB eMMc | Size: 12.8×9.1×0.78 inches | Graphics: UHD 600 Graphics | Weight: 1.7 kg 

If you want a laptop with a fast processor and a fast connection of Wi-Fi, which enables you to get quick online sites, then this product suits best for you. This Chromebook is created especially for a purpose, i.e., made up for doing creativity in bright-light circumstances by having a large display size of 14 inches.

Moreover, this product is the best Chromebook for battery life as it has a long-life battery, which helps a lot in creating something. This Chromebook is produced for providing easy portability to the users. The model Acer 314 is a thin and lightweight Chromebook that is ideal for teenagers.

Quick Features

  • MU-MIMO: Multiple output and input is a standard that provides greater speeds of wireless and can easily handle wireless gadgets instantly.
  • Gigabit Wi-Fi: This feature boosts the Wi-Fi power up to 12 times greater than a simple 802.11n feature used in basic laptops.
  • Workable connectivity:For the most rapid transfer of data in laptops, this feature is introduced in Acer 314 as it has 2 USB C-Type ports.
  • Trouble-free mobility:This product is suitable for taking anywhere at any time as its weight is only 1.7 kg’s and smaller than an A4 paper.



2)-Lenovo Chromebook Flex 5 13” laptop For Teenagers:

Screen size: 13.3 inches | CPU: 10110U i3 (10th Gen) | RAM: 4GB | Storage: 64GB SSD | Display: touch screen 1920×1080 | Weight: 1.35 kg’s | Dimensions: 310x214x17 mm

If you want to celebrate more creativity without any troubles, then Lenovo Chromebook is ideal for you for that purpose. The product is powered up by chrome OS and created to merge with your account of Google and give you an easy approach to all of your files and documents. This product is said to be the best Chromebook with stylus as it has a pen separately.  

This Chromebook comes up with amazing features, including 13 inches of display and i3 processors of the 10th generation. This product provides you not only efficient productivity but also safety as it automatically protects you after six weeks from threats coming online. This touch screen laptop is the best Chromebook for young students as it gives great services for school work.

Quick Features

  • Two in one: With this feature, you can easily convert the keyboard into a touch screen and make it very simple to link with the screen.
  • 360°-convertible feature: This Chromebook is transformable that allows the user to use it as a tablet and enjoy the beautiful visuals.
  • Reliable connection: It comes with a jack for audio, two USB ports of type C, and one for A-type give the best combination of connectivity.
  • No Setup required: With this feature, no put up is needed, and you are just one step away from accessing Google by logging in.



3)-SAMSUNG XE310XBA-KO2US Chromebook For Teenagers:

Screen size: 11.6 inches | Storage: 64GB eMMc | RAM: 4GB LPDDR4/4GB x 1, 4GB Max | Display: 1366×768 HD LED | CPU: Celeron N4000 Processor | operating system: Chrome OS | Weight: 3 pounds

This new product of SAMSUNG company gives its users the most efficient and speedy Chromebook, which brings out each and every task at any place. This SAMSUNG Chromebook merges with the availability of Chrome OS, and with this, you can save and download the content or files very easily by using Google suite.

You can say this Chromebook is the best Chromebook for home use because it provides the entire features one could need for. It gives the best experience of working, playing games, streaming, and creating anything at home. This product is new, and its better design makes you enjoy the amazing experience of the digital world.

Quick Features

  • Slim size: This product is slim and smart, just like the Chromebook you want, which is easily carryable and can hold drops and bumps.
  • Very fast connectivity: It contains a Wi-Fi of Gigabit which can download the big size files instantly with lightning-fast power.
  • All-day power: it brings out a battery life of about 12 hours on a full charge, and it can even recharge quickly on Type-C USB charging.
  • Voice assistant: This feature helps you in getting a call or making a note, or updating the applications by only using your voice.



4)-2021 Newest HP Chromebook For Teenager:

Screen size: 11.6 inches | CPU: Celeron N3350 1.1Ghz (dual-core) | Storage: 32GB eMMc | Graphics: HD integrated 500 | Weight: 2.98 pounds | Dimension: 12×8.2×0.7 inches | RAM: 4GB LPDDR2

This product is the latest model in the world of chrome books as its name show by the famous hp company. The product comes up with brand new and outstanding features, and this is the best Chromebook under 400. The beautiful visuals can be seen with 11.6 inches widescreen display, and multi-touch functions make the experience more amazing.

The great advantage of this Chromebook is that it boosts up the audio ability by having built-in stereotype speakers, which provides HD quality audio. Two types of processors are used, which empowers the working and creativity experience of users in a well-defined way. This product proves to be very useful by being the best Chromebook for the child.

Quick Features

  • HD Display: Amazing quality of image for photo editing and easy-going gaming by having a 500 integrated graphics card, and it has black light, which is energy efficient and WLED.
  • Multi-tasker: This product has sufficient system memory, which can easily browse all the tabs and can run many applications quickly at the same time.
  • Amazing storage capacity: This feature makes the product ideal for different applications as it provides the boosted storage ability and management of data.
  • Huge Space: This Chromebook gives the board space for your big files, and you can work with more ease without any difficulty.



5)-Dell 3120 Chromebook For Teenager:

Screen size: 11.6 inches | screen resolution: 1366×768 | RAM: 4GB | CPU: Celeron N2840 2.16 GHz | Storage: 16GB | Weight: 2.7 pounds | dimensions: 11.2×16.3×3 inches

If you want to inspire and experience the rich incidents of the digital world, then Dell Company’s 3120 model of Chromebook will be definitely proved to be useful for you. This product is very easy to use and found out very handy and practical, especially for the students. It gives its users amazing management of Google applications on the play store.

Dell Chromebook is designed in a way that it has been considered the best Chromebook for homeschool. Distance learners and students of different grades can find it out very helpful as it has a long battery life of about 10 hours on a full charge. This product is available online at an affordable price and amazing features on the go.

Quick Features

  • Long power life: The amazing battery timing gives advantages to the students as almost 10 hours of battery life is enough for the whole day.
  • HD graphics: The product is provided with outstanding graphics, which gives an enhanced experience of working and gaming.
  • Screen quality: The big display screen of 11.6 inches gives a better quality of screen as it is highly recommended for teenagers for their school work.
  • Best processor: The processor of this product works amazingly, as it has a range from 2.16 GHz to 2.85 GHz and contains a cache of 1 MB.



6)-ASUS C436 Flip-Best Chromebook For Teenager:

Screen Size: 14 inch Touch Screen | Resolution: 1920×1080 | Operating System: Chrome Os |  RAM: 8 GB | Storage: 128GB | Processor count: 4 | Battery Life: Up to 12 Hours | Connectivity: Bluetooth,802.11 ax | Rating: 96/10

This Chromebook is the perfect combination of superb power, a terrific feature set, and a high-quality build that makes it the best Chromebook for adults. Unlike many convertible devices, it has a beautiful, compact, convertible chassis, and it’s actually light enough to easily be used as a tablet.

Plus, this Chromebook from the ASUS brand comes with a comfortable and snappy keyboard. And if we talk about its audio quality, then you will be glad to hear that there are two Harman Kardon-certified speakers on each side of the cover.

Moreover, it’s powered by a 10th Gen Intel Core i3 that provides high performance under a heavy browsing load.

Quick Features

  • 14-inch display: This incredible high-performing Chromebook features a 14-inches wide display that comes with a touchscreen. It boosts the user experience and offers a display of HD resolution. This 4-sided NanoEdge display is built to boost your creativity.
  • 12-hours battery life: With its fantastic battery life, you would not need to get worried about its onscreen timing as it offers you 12 hours of excellent battery life. In just one charge, you can watch movies, prepare presentations, do multitasking, and much more.
  • Lightweight: It is ultra-light with a weight of 2.5 lbs only. You can take it anywhere with you. Just bring it along with you as it doesn’t weight so much and will never bother you in terms of carrying it.
  • Quad speakers: It has built-in quad-speakers powered by Harman Kardon. These speakers are of high-quality and used to offer an immersive experience. So if you watch movies or listen to audio songs, its speakers will provide theatre-like audio quality.



7)-Acer CP311-1H-C5PN Chromebook For Teenagers:

Screen Size: 11.6 inch Touch Screen | aspect ratio: 16:9 | Resolution: 1366×768 | Operating System: Google Chrome |  RAM: 4 GB | Storage: 32GB | Processor count: 1 | Battery Life: Up to 10 Hours | Connectivity: Bluetooth,Wifi | Rating: 96/10

Acer Chromebook Spin 11 model is the most compelling student laptop, which is best fo both students and teachers as well.

Whether you are a student, teenager, or an adult, this model from the Acer company is a cheap, capable, and durable laptop that will let you get some school work done while commuting or traveling and makes it the best Chromebook for high school.  

Although this is not an excellent laptop for gaming purposes, it is enough to write up some papers and prepare your presentations. The brilliant keyboard that makes the work more comfortable and a decent collection of ports, with two USB-C ports, two USB 3.0 ports, and a MicroSD slot, offers more connectivity options.

Quick Features

  • Intel Celeron Processor: This Acer Chromebook Spin 11 convertible laptop runs on the Chrome operating system and is powered by the powerful processor of Intel Celeron N3350. This processor offers excellent performance, and it flawlessly executes the instructions.
  • IPS multi-touch screen: With the IPS technology, this 11.6 inches screen gives clarity and detailing in the content with the saturated colors from edge to edge. This is a 10-point touch screen that makes it easy to surf, organize, swipe, and edit with the tip of your fingers.
  • USB Type-C flexibility: The Acer Chromebook Spin 11 comes with a wide variety of connectivity options to enhance flexibility. It includes two USB 3.1 Type-C Gen 1 ports that provide ultra-fast transfer of power, data and hi-res display output on each port.
  • Built-in 88-degree wide-angle: It features an inbuilt 88-degree wide-angle view with a webcam that supports HDR imaging to improve face-to-face chats and video conference experiences. You will never miss any details and will not need to crowd in front of the webcam.



8)-Samsung Plus V2 Chromebook For Teenagers:

Screen Size: 12.2 inch | Resolution: 1900×1200 | aspect ratio: 16:10 | Operating System: Chrome Os |  RAM: 4 GB | Storage: 64GB | Processor count: 1 | Battery Life: Up to 10 Hours | Connectivity: Bluetooth | Rating: 96/10

Samsung Chromebook is an intriguing option among rare Chrome OS convertibles. It comes with a cluster of unique features like a built-in stylus and two cameras that make it a quite impressive laptop. It is a lightweight 2-in-1 Chromebook that lets you get more done anywhere and anytime.

Weighing slightly over 3 pounds only, this Chromebook Plus V2 model of Samsung is light enough to slip into your bag and allow you to take it anywhere with you, and this feature makes it the best Chromebook for travel. Quickly fold it into tablet mode to switch between typing and writing down ideas. 

Quick Features

  • Built-in pen: You will be glad to know that this Chromebook comes along an inbuilt pen to let you experience the power of the precise pen that’s ready when you need it and never needs charging. You will write a note, do sketching, editing, magnify, and take screenshots.
  • Two cameras: With the 13MP world-facing camera that comes with autofocus is able to change your perspective. It doesn’t need so much effort, fold your laptop into tablet mode and capture your view from any angle or zoom in to take photos, and use the front camera for video chats.
  • Powerful performance: This Chromebook permit you to face anything with its long-lasting battery timing. Plus, the Intel Core m3 processor enables the users to work on multiple things at once. Now you are fully allowed to do multitasking without the fear of its halting.
  • 64GB built-in memory: You can store data with its 64GB memory that comes with this laptop. But if 64GB will not get enough for your work to store in it, so you can expand your storage with the use of microSD-card and increase your storage capacity.



9)-ASUS C302 Flip Chromebook For Teenagers:

Screen Size: 12.5 inch Touch Screen | Resolution: 1920×1080 | Operating System: Chrome Os |  RAM: 4 GB | Storage: 64GB | Processor count: 2 | Battery Life: Up to 10 Hours | Connectivity: USB-C,USB-A,Micro SD | Rating: 91/10

Without any doubt, this Chromebook is a complete package of portability, comfortability, and high productivity. Maybe this combination seems to be unbelievable for some people, but trust me, this is the best Chromebook for education. It includes a set of flexible features that make it either a tablet or a laptop.

Its 12.5 inches average size display gives you an endless view of your content. It is a touchscreen laptop that enhances usability and enables you to boost the working time by touching the screen and make the work faster.

Quick Features

  • 2-in-1 laptop: Switching between the laptop or tablet mode becomes more easy and flexible with this integration of the latest technology of convertible laptops. Its exceptional 360-degree hinge offers an endless variety of ways, including laptop, tablet, stand, and tent modes.
  • Lightweight: This Chromebook uses the strong and powerful Corning Gorilla glass for the display with the super-thin diameter of 13.7mm makes it a more slim, sleek, and lightweight laptop with a weight of 2.65 lbs. It has a super clean design.
  • Backlit keyboard: This model of ASUS Chromebook comes with an improved back-assembly that provides 1.4mm of key travel and minimal key float. The keyboard is equipped with the backlit that offers comfort during typing at night time or in dim light.
  • Intel Core m3 Processor: With the C302’s lightning fast Chrome operating system when it gets paired with the Intel Core m3 processor, you get an incredible ultrabook-like speed for any task you throw at it. Enjoy ultra-fast speed and efficiency of this laptop.



10)-Lenovo C340 Chromebook For Teenagers:

Screen Size: 11.6 inch Touch Screen | Resolution: 1920×1080 | Operating System: Windows 10 | RAM: 4 GB | Storage: 64GB | Processor count: 1 | Battery Life: Up to 10 Hours | Connectivity: Bluetooth,801.11 ac | Rating: 96/10

Lenovo’s C340 Chromebook is a compact and convertible laptop that is easy to carry and offers extreme versatility. It is great for those who want to get an affordable laptop that they can carry with themselves wherever they go. It is an excellent option for teenagers, students, as well as this, is the best Chromebook for teachers.

It features 11.6 inches screen with a resolution of 1366×768 pixels, which is quite fine in this price range. This Chromebook features in a slim 2-in-1 chassis and running on the lightning-fast Chrome OS. With an Intel Celeron processor, a convertible design, and a touchscreen display, you can flip the product to any angle for work.

Quick Features

  • Built-in Virus protection: This feature is essential for all the working persons who need to keep their data safe and protected. This Chromebook comes with the inbuilt anti-virus to provide extreme protection to your data from any kind of malware softwares and apps.
  • Intel Celeron N4000 processor: The powerful Intel Celeron N4000 processor has embedded in it that powers this Chromebook to give you a fast and smooth experience. Plus, its long-lasting battery offers an excellent practice time in one charge.
  • Intel UHD graphic card: It comes with a graphic card of Intel company that is an ideal option for the gamers. This graphic card offers excellent picture quality of any game and lets the gamer enjoy the smooth and fast gaming on this laptop.
  • Stereo speakers: With crystal-clear audio quality and two powerful 2W stereo speakers, you can enjoy your favorite audio and videos at maximum volume to get the party started. It delivers theatre-like audio quality and surrounds with the realistic audio effects.




While picking the best Chromebook for a teenager, there are hundreds of options available in the market, but you have to decide on one that must be best enough to fulfill your needs.

In our opinion, the entire list contains all the great options, but the best of all is the Samsung Chromebook Plus V2 model, as it is a feature-full laptop that will help to enhance the user experience. But if you are have low budget, you should go for the Lenovo Chromebook C340 Laptop.

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