Best Monitor For League Of Legends

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You are searching the monitor for league of legends, or you are tired of spending a lot of money on improving your gameplay, don’t worry; we are here to help you in this regard. Gaming has now become a very stage-centric thing all over the world. Enthusiastic gamers spend a lot of money in building their gaming setups.

If you are a frequent player of the league of legends, you should buy a monitor with a high refresh rate and less response time because this combination will help you a lot in enhancing your gaming setup and gameplay. The league of legend is a very famous game that remains on the top of the list of a massive community.

If you are reading this guide, you are the LOL player as we know that it is an addictive game for sure. Once you start playing such a game, it becomes very difficult to leave. That’s why you deserve a new monitor which can fulfill your requirements and your energy too.

Since we know that the market is flooded with many options of monitors for league of legends, we made this article to help you find the best monitor for LOL. We have reviewed the top products used by professional gamers.

So read the whole article and get your right one.

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In a hurry? Consider our quick pick:

Among all these options, the ACER SB220Q is the best one, and you can regard it as the super one because of its high performance in an affordable price range. If you are facing a tight budget problem but need a high-performance monitor, too, then this one should be your top choice on the list.

The Comparison Table Of Best Monitors For League Of Legends In 2021

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Dell S2721HGF Gaming Monitor Review:

Screen size: 27 inches | screen resolution: FDH 1920 x 1080p | aspect ratio: 16:9 | refresh rate: 144 Hz | response time: 4ms | mounting type: wall mount | dimensions of monitor: 23.95 x 3.79 x 19.42 | weight: 12.34 pounds

If you are the type of buyer with a fixed budget, this monitor will be regarded as a good monitor for League Of Legends. The curved monitor provides high-end performance and better features to the users in the fair price range. This monitor will do well for the users who need a vivid screen of about 27 inches.

The monitor executes great features which keep you away from the tensions of screen tearing or distortion of display sometimes. Talking about the monitor’s chassis, some people may not like this as it is all black.  But if you are the one who doesn’t fall for over monitors, then this one will please you with its everything.

Quick features:

  • Fighting fast: The monitor comes up with a high refresh rate and response time which makes a perfect combo and gives you the blur-free and smooth motion gameplay with amazing clarity of screen for sure.
  • Smooth & fluid: The monitor is compatible with the Nvidia G-sync premium technology, which reduces graphics distortions such as tearing of screens by providing an extraordinary image quality.
  • Perfectly positioned: The monitor comes up with adjustability of height and tilt, giving you the perfect gameplay with much comfort and allowing you to play on the monitor for an extended time.



HP Pavilion 22cwa Monitor Review:

Screen size: 21.5 inches | screen resolution: FDH 1920 x 1080p | aspect ratio: 1.78:1 | refresh rate: 60 Hz | response time: 7 ms | mounting type: no wall mount | dimensions of monitor: 6.73 x 19.65 x 15.16 | weight: 6.6 pounds | LCD type: IPS

It is considered a decent budget monitor with amazing features and better performance. It comes up with broad angles of viewing, which help a lot in keeping the image uniform even if you are looking at the screen from very close. If you have this monitor, you should keep it in a bright room so that the screen will work out more perfectly.

The performance of the monitor is quite well in gaming. It has a low input lag, making it very responsive during the gameplay of league of legends. On the other hand, it lacks the advanced features of gaming to improve the image quality. It is a decent choice to choose, in case you are facing a very tight budget.

Quick features:

  • Sleek design: The monitor’s design is very slim and sleek, which most users like. The additional tilting screen provides more comfortability during the gameplay on this monitor for sure.
  • IPS Panel: The HP came up with this IPS panel monitor, making it better than before. The IPS panel improves the quality of the image on the screen, and it has the quality of anti-glare, which gives ease to your eyes.
  • Compatibility: This monitor has a great type of compatibility as you can plug and can easily play for all kinds of OS such as MAC OS laptop and windows connectivity. You can even connect with PS4 easily.



ASUS VG248QE Monitor Review:

Screen size: 24.5 inches | screen resolution: FDH 1920 x 1080p | aspect ratio: 16:9 | refresh rate: 144 Hz | response time: 1 ms | mounting type:  wall mount | dimensions of monitor: 22.42 x 9.1 x 19.68 | weight: 12.1 pounds | LCD type: TN

This one is regarded as the most popular gaming monitor with 24 inches in the market. This one comes up with high durability and versatility, which can easily fulfill your requirements in playing the game league of legends. This beast has the high response time that you found in the market. Due to these factors, this is much famous among gamers.

The monitor’s design is super thin and sleek with a glossy finish which looks very attractive and amazing. The performance of the monitor is very impressive, especially for gamers. It gives you the experience of amazing gaming in the game, even at the professional levels. It is not very good for 3D games, but the best thing is fluid-like motion handling.

Quick features:

  • Ultra-smooth action: With a high refresh rate and less response rate makes a perfect combo in the league of legends, and this monitor gives you the best gaming experience with great quality and performance.
  • Ergonomic design: The monitor is ergonomically perfect with a stand that can swivel, tilt, and pivot, and height adjustment. This kind of design gives comfortable gameplay for a long period.
  • Built-in speakers: The monitor comes up with built-in speakers 2W stereo ones, which will help you play the game with more fun, and you can also experience the great home entertainment without connecting extra ones.



ViewSonic VX2257-MHD Monitor Review:

Screen size: 22 inches | screen resolution: FDH 1920 x 1080p | aspect ratio: 16:9 | refresh rate: 60 Hz | response time: 2 ms | mounting type:  no wall mount | dimensions of monitor: 9.04 x 20.13 x 15.53 | weight: 8 pounds | LCD type: TN

This monitor is also a fair-priced monitor that gives high performance and giving you a solid chance to choose it. There can be several explanations for choosing this monitor, and the best among them is the perfect balance that the monitor maintains between the high-quality features and affordable price. This thing makes it very attractive for tight-budgeted users.

You can regard this monitor as the most versatile one to use for gaming and home usage. It is considered the best 144hz monitor for league of legends because of its smooth performance of screen and gameplay. The great features combine with high performance at such a user-friendly price make it perfect for everyone.

Quick features:

  • No image tearing: The monitor has the AMD Free-sync technology that can provide smooth frames of frames to aid you in the game’s battle during the gameplay of league of legends.
  • Game on: The monitor has the arsenal pre-set adjustable modes of visuals which keeps you ready for any type of gaming such as the FPS, MOBA, RTS, etc.; it gives you the real experience of gaming.
  • Comfortable gaming: To help you in a comfortable gaming experience all day long, this monitor comes up with flickering free and blue light filter technology, which gives ease to your eyes.



Acer SB220Q Monitor Review:

Screen size: 22 inches | screen resolution: FDH 1920 x 1080p | aspect ratio: 16:9 | refresh rate: 75 Hz | response time: 4 ms | mounting type:  no wall mount | dimensions of monitor: 19.6 x 8.3 x 15.1 | weight: 5.6 pounds | LCD type: IPS

This monitor is considered the most famous and significant monitor among the users who already bought it and used it. The best thing about this monitor which makes it such popular is its very low price as it is very difficult to find this much cheaper with such performance in the market. So if you are one with a tight budget, then this is the best option to choose.

The IPS panel with such a price cannot be available anywhere if you search all around the world. Moreover, the company Acer is reliable, especially for the gaming monitors in the market so, that you shouldn’t worry about the quality. Although it provides you with high-quality performance and a top-notch gaming experience, the screen size is small, making it the best gaming monitor for League of Legends.

Quick features:

  • Strikingly thin: The design of this monitor is very thin and slim, which helps you save a lot of space on the table. This thing will give a modern touch to your home. Moreover, it will provide you a clear image.
  • Quick response time: The monitor comes up with rapid response time, making your monitor more responsive than before. Additionally, it will help you a lot in gaming without any distortion or any problem.
  • Wide viewing angles: This IPS panel has premium quality and advanced technologies that give high performance. The broad angles of viewing give great picture quality at every angle with ease.



Alienware AW2720HF Monitor Review:

Screen size: 27 inches | screen resolution: FDH 1920 x 1080p | aspect ratio: 21:9 | refresh rate: 240 Hz | response time: 1 ms | mounting type: wall mount | dimensions of monitor: 24.1 x 22 x 9.9 | weight: 19.29 pounds | LCD type: IPS

This one is considered the most desirable gaming monitor in the market, especially for the people who play the league of legends on the monitor. A list of top-notch features makes it more attractive for the buyers, and the amazing design and looks of the monitor also play their part in making it more pleasing towards the eyes of the people.

It is highly-priced but will surely give you the best performance in the game and its features. The big screen of almost 27 inches has a great quality of build-up. One of this monitor’s main and strongest features is the high motion handling ability, making it more efficient. Talking overall, this monitor is excitingly great and impressive surely.

Quick features:

  • Convenient monitor: This one will help you a lot in different tasks despite only gaming. Such as you can control the display very easily by having the control buttons over there. So buy this and enjoy.
  • Response time: The 1 ms response time of the monitor makes it very useful for the gamers who frequently play the league of legends. This responsive monitor makes the game work out more quickly and rapidly than before.
  • Strikingly great refresh rate: The 240 Hz refresh rate provides you with a great gaming experience with great gameplay for sure. It gives you the fast play two times more than the ordinary monitors.



Buying guide:

You are searching the monitor for playing league of legends, but you know that there should be something you keep in mind before buying. What is that? The various factors will help you a lot in getting the perfect monitor for your gameplay. The main reason behind this buying guide is to understand various factors that you should concern, especially when you are buying a monitor for gaming. 

Let’s get through it!

Monitor size:

The size of the monitor plays an important role in the playing of games for sure. You can regard it as the most significant factor. Some users think that a big screen will help them properly play the game, which is true somehow.

The big screens will help you in watching the screen with much ease as compared to small ones.

Mostly the professionals recommend the screens with 24 or 27 inches screen. The 24 inches screen is considered the best monitor size for League of Legends.   

Refresh rate:

For buying a monitor for gaming purposes, this factor is the most important one to consider. The refresh rate of any monitor controls the significance of the image on the screen usually. The faster refresh rate will give a smooth and buttery flow of motion during the game.

In the league of legends, it helps in skilling shots and movement of the character. The 60 to 75 Hz rate is considered the average rate. The best option is to have the 144 Hz of refresh rate in a certain monitor you choose. If you have the budget to buy the monitor with a high refresh rate like 240 Hz, then it’s up to you.

Input slots:

The other essential factor in terms of buying a new monitor is this one. The input ports or slots refer to the ability to connect with various devices. The main ports include the HDMI ports, USB ports, and display ports.

In the gaming monitors, the external ports are not that much important. The high connectivity monitors provide great convenience to the users. As then you will be able to connect several set up of the monitors with much ease.

Screen resolution:

Along with the screen size, the resolution of the screen also matters a lot. Both of these things play an equal role in the image quality on the screen. If the pixel quality is not good, no matter how big the screen you buy, it will not do well.

If you choose the monitor with the size of 24 inches, then the resolution must be 1080p. If you have a 27 inches screen, then you choose the resolution of 1440p. But the more common among them is the 24 inches screen with 1080 pixels, which is considered the best resolution for League of Legends.


1) What monitor do pro gamers use?

Professional gamers use the monitors, which provide them multiple benefits during the gameplay. First of all, you should consider some factors for buying a gaming monitor, such as the high refresh rate, response time, screen size, etc. however, mostly the monitor used by pros is the Alienware series.

2) What is the best monitor for league of legends?

There are many monitors which are available in the market which prove best for the league of legends. But in our list, the best one is the Alienware NEW AW2720HF which is quite expensive, but it will give the best gaming experience because of the high refresh rate and exciting features.


The time to wrap the article into final words has come. The list we have provided in this article has the best products which are available in the market. But in our recommendation, the ACER SB220Q is the best one as it is very user-friendly and provides a great gaming experience. Whatever option of laptop you choose, we hope it will not disappoint you in any way.

Best of luck!

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