Best Monitors For Spreadsheets & Excel (Buyer’s Guide 2021)

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Our Top Picks Of Best Monitors For Spreadsheets

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Everyone wants to get the best monitor for excel spreadsheets to get the incredible productivity hacks for their daily Excel work. The more giant screens let you handle the excel spreadsheets works just like the professionals.

The monitors offer more giant screens so that one can see all the rows and columns at once.

All of these monitors offer a bright, clear, and accurate color combination. Therefore, you can get a perfect picture quality. Moreover, advanced technology enables the users for photo editing and video editors.

The monitors offer high resolution and more workspace; so that you can get better productivity.

In this review, we have enlisted top and the best monitor for excel work, which are user-friendly and perfect for office use. You can get through the article to get one for you.

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Comparison Table Of Best Monitors For Spreadsheets In 2021

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1. LG 34WN80C-B Monitor Review


LG 34WN80C-B has an ultra-wide 34 inch and curved professional monitor. The monitor offers color accuracy and provides an appealing design to all gamers, graphic artists, and professional creatives.

The ultra-wide screen of LG 34WN80C-B, along with an accurate coloring, lets you get an idea and the best monitor for spreadsheets and text. The connectivity and wide displays present all the photos and videos nicely.

The OnScreen Control is the most appealing and appreciable feature of this monitor. The Control supports different functions such as split-screen, three gamer modes, four picture modes, and two first-person-shooter modes. Moreover, you can get the RTS pre-set modes also.

Key Features:

  • Design: LG 34WN80C-B is very simple and has a very straightforward technique. It has an enormous and curved footprint, which emerges from the telescopic arm and offers ergonomic adjustments.
  • Picture Quality: The monitor has incredible picture quality and offers a resolution of 2,560 x 1,080 along with a 21:9 aspect ratio. Therefore, the screen can deliver a rich pixel density of 110 PPI.
  • Performance: The LG 34WN80C-B offers an impressive performance. The brightness level of about 300 cd/m2 looks is relatively better than the LG’s quoted figure. Besides it, the high contrast makes the picture more vibrant and lets the monitor deliver a wide array of shades.
  • OnScreen Control: the OnScreen Control offers quick and easy access to the users and enables them for different essential settings. Moreover, this Control also lets the users for the game mode settings.



2.ViewSonic VP3881 38 Inch Monitor Review


The ViewSonic VP3881 38 Inch has an impressive 2300R curved viewing experience along with panoramic images. The bright, vivid colors and incredible details make it the best and perfect choice. 

It is an ideal choice for all professionals. The monitor delivers lifelike colors, which are just perfect for photographers, graphic designers, video editors, and many more.

The uniformity of the colors is very difficult to achieve throughout the screen but once completed. It will offer you accurate viewing and editing of the images.

The quick and easy calibration ensures that you will get a perfect display that perfectly matches the original colors.

Key Features:

  • Versatile Color Adjustability: The monitor offers 6-axis color enhancement, which lets the users adjust the six primary colors, including red, yellow, green, blue, cyan, and magenta, just according to their needs.
  • HDR10 Content Support: the monitor can decode the HDR10 video signals. Therefore, it can deliver an incredibly detailed video playback. Well, the color display is very vivid and impressive at the same time.
  • Loaded with Connectivity: The powerful USB 3.1 Type C input connectivity delivers charming power, audio, and video over a single charging connector. By plugging in a USB Type-C cable into the monitor, the users can quickly transfer the data.
  • ViewSonic ViewSplit: the software lets you create an ideal and customized working environment on your screens. Moreover, you can choose from a list of pre-defined templates or create your customized layout.



3. Sceptre 35 Inch Curved Monitor Review


The colorful LED light illuminates the monitor’s back cover and delivers the unique modern design, a perfect choice fr several.

With VESA wall mount patterns, the user gets the freedom to choose the optimum viewing position for their monitors and can eliminate the cable clutter. Moreover, it can save valuable space for gaming and workstation.

The company cares about the users and therefore offers the best and ideal products. The monitors let the users reduce the blue light and be protected from eye fatigue, strains, and strains. Therefore, you can work on your documents, play games, or watch movies for a long time. It is entirely safe to use.

With the anti-flicker feature’s help, the monitor offers a crisper picture and prevents the backlight from flickering periodically.

Key Features:

  • AMD FreeSync: the FreeSync lets the gamers enjoy a very smooth and appreciable video quality. It AnD technology eliminate stuttering and tear just because of the difference present between graphics card frames rate and the monitor’s refresh rate.
  • Ultrawide Curved Monitor: The Sceptre’s 21:9 Ultra-wide curved monitor is just enough to get the larger audience’s attention with the help of a 35-inch screen. The display or screen resembles the contours of the human eye.
  • 1800R Curved Display: well, the 1800R degree curved design immerses the users into all of the action, and it does not matters where you are sitting in the room.
  • FPS-RTS: First Person Shooter (FPS) and Real0Time Strategy (RTS) are two of Sceptre’s custom set display settings built for an enhanced gaming experience.



4. AOC CQ27G1 27" Curved Review


It is the best monitor for office work and gamers. The FreeSync premium support ensures a tear-free and stutter-free experience for all of you. It has been equipped with a 27-inch FlickFree monitor, which can improve the experience of the users.

The AMD FreeSync premium technology synchronizes the display and GPU in the AMD PC and eliminates the screen tearing. As a result, the users can get a very smooth, fast, and stunning visual. Overall, the monitor offers you incredible gaming as well as a working experience.

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Key Features:

  • Crazy Immersive Experience: the curved wrap design of this monitor provides an immersive gaming experience in the Quad High definition. Moreover, the 4X resolution of this 720p monitor becomes an ideal system for gamers.
  • 144Hz, 1ms Gameplay: The 144Hz refresh and 1ms response time offer incredible smoothness and fluidity to enjoy a perfect game. Moreover, it can also add a virtually instantaneous response to your mouse and keyboard actions.
  • FlickerFree: The flickering has been reduced with the help of direct current back-lightening. In this way, the monitor reduces eye strain and fatigue as well. So, feel free and enjoy the long, intense gaming session in a comfortable environment.
  • The Ultimate Battle Station: The users can expand their view with these multiple monitor set-ups. Moreover, the frame-less design offers minimal bezel distraction and lets you get an extra clean-up set up for an ultimate battle solution.



5.ASUS TUF Gaming VG289Q 28" Monitor Review


The 28-inch 4 K IPS DCI-P3 grade gaming monitor is the best and perfect choice for the stunning, crisp, and detailed visual.

The high dynamic range or HDR offers a range of luminance that can deliver a more comprehensive color range and higher contrast than the traditional monitors. With the brightest white and darkest blacks’ help, the monitor offers you the best picture or display quality.

Key Features:

  • HDR 10: the monitor can improve your gaming experience. The HDR10 high dynamic range offers vivid colors and different brightness levels. Therefore, the players can enjoy the game for a long duration with eye fatigue or eye irritation.
  • Shadow Boost Technology: With this technology’s help, the monitor can show crystal clear dark areas and not overexpose the brighter areas. Moreover, the monitor improves the overall views and eliminates the hidden dark spots just entirely.
  • GameVisual:b the ASUS GameVisual Technology enables the users to get the pre-set display modes and optimize the visuals to get the different types of content. It is a unique feature that makes the monitor a worth considering option.
  • Rich connectivity: the monitor offers you several options for connectivity, including the HDMI (v2.0)x2, DisplayPort1.2×1, and earphone jack support the wide range of multimedia devices.



6.BenQ 32 inch, 4K UHD Monitor Review


The keyboard video mouse switch lets the users display the photos, files, and videos from two different computers on just one screen. Therefore, the users can work on several projects at the same time. Moreover, the user will not have to transfer the files from one system to another. Therefore, it becomes the best large monitor for spreadsheets.

The monitor has been engineered so perfectly. Therefore it becomes the perfect choice for all professionals. The system lets the users feel confident and delivers incredible picture quality. Besides it, the monitor provides the curated modes and offers professional results.

Key Features:

  • Eyecare Technology: the eye care technology keeps the eyes of the viewers safe and protected from strain. Moreover, you will never feel irritation with Low Blue Light technology.
  • Exclusive Aqcolor Technology: with the help of this technology, the monitor can cover a wide range of color spaces, including Adobe RGB and sRGB. Moreover, the Rec. 709 ensures the colors on your screen and offers you an optimistic view with incredible picture quality.
  • Dual-view: the users can check more than one file at the same time. The dual-view technology enables the users to check multiple files side by side.
  • Ergonomic Features: the monitor comes with appreciable features that let the users customize their viewing experience with a tilt, turn, or twist. Users can adjust the height of the screen, and as well as they can also rotate to get the portrait mode.



7.SAMSUNG 32-Inch Monitor Review


The company offers you the highly recommended monitor, which lets the users get a high-performance line-up of full HD and HD curved gaming monitors. The technology enables the monitor to provide the next level performance and presents upgraded visuals.

The monitor offers you inspiring graphics and vibrant colors and lets the users enjoy just a perfect game. Moreover, the large screen and jaw-dropping features make it the best monitor for excel work.

Key Features:

  • Unmatched Immersion: the Odyssey’s 1000R panel, along with the curvature, provides you maximum Immersion and minimum eye strain. Both of these features let the users get their heads into the game and enjoy a complete view.
  • Express 144Hz Refresh Rate: the monitor can double your potential frame production due to the Odyssey G5. the monitor provides a very smooth and refreshing rate.
  • Stunning WQHD: the monitor can change your gaming world. The pixel density and the full HD quality let the users get the whole detailed and pin-sharp images. The monitor provides a complete and perfect view.
  • Lightning Fast 1ms Response Times: the monitors let you get all the results in less than one minute, and this highly appreciable. So in this way you are getting the maximum from the technology.




The best large monitor for spreadsheets is available at affordable prices and lets the users handle all of their data just like processionals. The monitors provide excellent picture quality so that the users can get perfect images.

Moreover, the multiple connectivity options let the users transfer the data very quickly and correctly.

So, get the best-curved monitor for spreadsheets to get a complete view of all of your documents.

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