How To Connect Two Monitors To A Laptop With One HDMI Port

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Generally speaking, laptops are the best choice for performing any task, whether related to office work or content creation. Working with laptops feels like a bit of a hindrance; because of their small display screens sometimes. In this case, hooking up with several screens is the solution to the problem.

By attaching two or more screens with your laptop, you can make your work more manageable. It will make you feel more relax and comfortable during the workload. If you have many screens, you don’t require flipping in the middle of different applications anymore.

We all know very well that many monitors can enhance your productivity to an extreme level and brings out the best experience. The big multiple screens greatly aid you, especially when you are using a laptop for your work. The two monitor screens with a laptop also increase your creativity in your work.

For instance, if you have a lot of work, such as you have to receive clients’ emails and on the other hand, you have to do some graphic designing. In this regard, the multiple monitors attached to your laptop can help you a lot. You will not need to worry as we are here to guide you in attaching many screens with one HDMI port.

Things to check before the start:

Before going to attach the dual monitors with your laptop, you have to check few things. These things are important and must have in your laptops to combine two screens. Now day windows in the laptop support dual screens at least. Check that whether the laptop can connect two monitors or not.

The capability of combining two screens depends upon the windows operating system, the ability of drivers, and the graphics card. Firstly, check the graphics card on your laptop whether it can combine dual monitors or not. Normally, every laptop’s graphic card has this option, and you can check this from specifications.

The second thing and most important thing is the checking of available ports in the laptop. Every laptop has one of these four types of ports, i.e., DVI, VGA, and HDMI. This article will talk about only the HDMI port that how you can attach dual monitors with a single HDMI port to your laptop.

HDMI Ports:

These ports can connect every type of video device and gives sound through the HDMI cable. The laptop with these ports can easily attach to the multiple monitor setups. This port is also known as a display port because it will display your screen on other monitors; once you attach them with cables.

These ports transfer digital audio and video signals between various devices. This is a modern technology port available in almost every laptop today. So, having these ports on the laptop, you just need a cable to connect with other monitors or devices without any trouble.

But the actual question arises: what should you do if you have only one HDMI port in the laptop and you have to connect two monitors? So let’s get started! You have to attach two monitors and only one HDMI port sometimes, and then different options are available that you can do.

The switch splitter method:

This method is used if you have only one HDMI port. You can use a switch splitter, mostly known as a display splitter. It works as two HDMI ports on the laptop. The video and audio are split into two different streams, further provided to the other monitors simultaneously.

It is a useful and cheap method for combining dual monitors without having many cables swapping around your setup. However, if you use an HDMI splitter in your setup, it must be compatible with the resolution you need to send. If the splitter is capable of working well, then use it for sure.

Most HDMI splitters do not work very well to provide the best splitting of screen resolution. If you want to buy a splitter, then research the best working splitter. You should buy a splitter with a long warranty, and the price should be reasonable, so buy wisely.

The docking station:

You can use the docking station for the combination of dual monitor setup with the laptop. If your laptop has only an HDMI port, then it works differently. The docking stations work well with USB-C or thunderbolt ports, but you can use it with HDMI, but you have to do some things before the setup.

Firstly, you have to plug the DVI to HDMI adaptor into the docking station’s DVI output. After this, you plug in the HDMI cable in the adaptor. Once you complete this, you can attach two monitors to your laptop. But this process is long and need many extra cables and things.

The extra graphic card method:

This method is just an optional method, and you can use this; if you have tried the above two methods already. Generally, the laptops have a graphics card that supports a dual monitor setup, but it doesn’t happen in rare cases. In that case, you can add a similar card to the laptop in this regard.

If you add a new graphic card to the laptop, you have to connect a full GPU system to connect the other desktop screens. There is one major drawback of this option that it is not meant for all types of laptops. On the other hand, it is an expensive method of combining the dual monitors.


Every solution to attaching a dual monitor setup with a single HDMI port has some advantages and disadvantages. The three methods we have described here are good in their way and depend upon your preference.

If you bought a laptop some time ago, you have multiple ports supporting the dual monitor setup. The older laptops have only one HDMI port and in that case, choose the option which suits you the best from other methods.

We guided you about the best methods in this regard, and we hope that any option you select will not disappoint you in any way. Best of luck!

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